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Tree Deck Plans

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These printable PDF plans are just what you need to build your own tree house or tree fort for the kids, or an elevated tree deck for adults. Hang out, have dinner and drinks, or just retreat for a moment up into the forest. 

This platform was designed to be as simple to construct as possible and uses two trees. The design is a framework that can easily be adapted to smaller and larger sizes depending on the distance between your two trees. Plans can also be adapted to use with only 1 tree, or even with 3 or more trees. 

Note that the listing photos represent elements of these plans, but don’t show the build exactly. I’ve taken the best qualities of all our tree deck builds and combined them into a new design that will work for most trees and builders.

SIZE: 120 sq ft. Footprint is 10x12 ft. 

COST: $3500 USD. Material choices and local pricing will vary the total build cost.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Instantly available digital download includes printable PDF builder-ready blueprints, a materials list, notes on materials and build tips, a digital album of 150 photos and illustrations of the build process, and a bonus 3D Sketchup model.

–Sketchup is a program that allows you to construct in 3D, examine all the construction details, modify the design, hide layers, take measurements, and explore the build. If you intend to modify these plans it’s a fantastic tool to make those changes and to familiarize yourself with the construction process digitally before doing it for real. Sketchup is available as an always-free web app, so there is no added cost.

–Please feel free to download any plans to price materials, or shop them around to builders to explore options or modifications. If you ultimately find that you can’t use them for your project I’m happy to get you a refund.


–Plans are copyrighted by ElevatedSpaces and are for personal use only, so no commercial distribution, please.