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Bed Frame Plans

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These are the plans for our knock-down bed frame, built in the style of Japanese timber framing. It's assembled with wedges and so it can be disassembled and reassembled with ease.

It's designed for a queen bed (though you could adapt it to any mattress size.) The materials cost about $300 (in 2022 lumber prices.)

--This was designed as a DIY build and can be built with minimal tools. However the detailed instructions give multiple options for those who have more talent and tools.

--Included in this package are detailed digital 3D plans, a complete materials list with links to products, 70 photos, videos, and drawings, and 35 pages of step-by-step instruction with accompanying photos — all the information needed to build your own bed frame that has warmth and character.

--Package includes a 3D Sketchup model. Sketchup is a CAD program that allows you to construct in 3D, explore the build, examine all the details of joinery and framing, modify the design, and hide layers. Measurements can be taken and screenshots can be printed. Even if you don’t intend to build things exactly shown this is a great starting point to adapt it to your needs. Sketchup is available in paid premium versions (with free trials), and as an always-free web app, so there is no added cost to using this model.

Plans are copyrighted by ElevatedSpaces and are for personal use only, so no commercial distribution, please.