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  • Cataloging more than 500 tools for measuring, cutting, fastening, and shaping-from hammers and saws to wrenches, welders, and drawknives-along with their uses, their histories, and how to care for them so they last a lifetime, this compendium is your steadfast guide to home improvement and skilled craftwork.

    With it, you'll avoid wasting countless hours on head-scratching home repairs, wonky backyard builds, and failed garage tinkering.

    This is the book for answering all your tool questions, gaining knowledge before hiring a professional, or riffling through just for the joy of learning something new about the objects that shape our world.

    Flip around. Browse at random. Figure out how a tool works and how it doesn't. Put a tool in your hand and fix something. Make something. Grab this book and get to work.

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